Chevron Monogram Printable: Free

Happy Wednesday! After a long day I needed something to wind me down for the evening. So I decided on a simple craft. I found this free printable on one of my favorite blogs, For Chic Sake. It was the perfect quick and easy solution!

Cost:  FREE


  • This link!
  • Printer
  • Picture frame – optional


  • Scissors – optional

Click the link listed under materials above(or here :p)! Scroll down slightly until you see “Pick a color” followed by several colored dots.   Click on the color of your choosing and…

…it will take you to this page. Click the blue icon on the right that says “Download or Print.” Select PDF, not txt.

After the file is downloaded select it and open it in Adobe. There will be two pages, one for directions and the other your monogram. Follow the directions provided carefully. If you need a more detailed step by step here are further instructions:

1. Highlight and delete the current initials found in the monogram until it will not allow you to backspace anymore. Part of the preset letters will still be visible, as seen below.

2. Type in the letter you want to appear on the left, in lowercase. For example, I typed “a”.

3. Next, type the middle letter in uppercase. Expect it to look odd like mine does below ( the screen shot below was taken after I typed “G” ).

4. Using the chart below, type the code for the letter you want on the right of the monogram. I input “O” for the letter j.

5. After typing in your code, it should automatically show you your final version and complete monogram! Just hit the print button in the top left 🙂

Add a frame and you’ve got yourself your very own cute, cheap, and fast DIY!

NOTE:  For MAC users or any other troubleshoot problem with this monogram pdf, please see the following link for help from For Chic Sake’s blog: 

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18 responses to “Chevron Monogram Printable: Free

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  2. Thank you for this! Got it on the first try, instructions are easy to follow and came out beautiful! Can’t wait to print and frame as a housewarming gift! Thanks!

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  4. the same thing is happening to me… does the color matter you think? I have tried the green… ill enter my initials but the text appears to be white.. don’t see any black letters like on yours… then when i do letter -letter- code, i just see the first letter, c! i love this idea but don’t know what im doing wrong!

      • Yay!! Soo happy to hear everyone that has been having problems has figured them out 🙂 It’s just too cute not to share! So glad you love it, Catherine!

  5. Stacy, Jane, and Summer – This monogram pdf was not created by me. I pasted the link from one of my favorite blogs, For Chic Sake. My goal was both to give my viewers the link to create a cute monogram of their own, and provide a more detailed step by step by including screen shots…

    Unfortunately, this means I will not be of much assistance with errors other than ones I personally encountered. Please see the following link for help with this monogram pdf, from For Chic Sake’s blog >>>

    Hope that will help!!! 😀

    • Thank you for trying. I finally got it last night. I had downloaded adobe but did not open the file (duh). Thanks for sharing. Love them and I hope I can figure it out again!!!

  6. Agree with Stacy, I am using the symbols as it says to use and when I print I am still only getting the first letter to show up and its on the left side of the circle. Following directions to a tee, anyone else having this problem?

  7. Really having a hard time on this. I have a MAC. I download, but never get the “open with Adobe.” So, because it’s a mac, I fiddle to open to adobe. I have typed in the lower, then upper case, and lastly the code.I don’t get the rounded letters 😦 What am I missing?

    • I did the same thing! We have a MAC and it never prompted me about Adobe. When I went to type in our initials it was a really funny font and the code didn’t work. It actually read nL*. I finally had to use my husbands work pc to do it and it worked perfectly.

  8. I keep trying but only the first letter is showing up. What am I doing wrong? I am double clicking then pressing delete. Then entering the three letters. Thanks

    • For the last letter (mine was “J”) you need to use the symbol listed under step 4, NOT the actual letter. For instance J…0 was my symbols code so I typed “0” as opposed to typing “J”

      Hope that helps! 😀 Let me know if you are still having any issues!

  9. Thank for this cute project! I was looking for something quick to make for my daughter before she leaves for the new semester! This is perfect 🙂

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