DIY Fringe Bikini

All summer I have been dyingggg to get my hands on a fringe bikini. They’re sooo cute! Too bad they are upwards of $70 for the top alone. Luckily, I decided to fulfill my craft fix by transforming an old bikini top to a fringe one! It turned out super cute and can be made in any color to suit your own personality 🙂

Cost:  FREE!
*You should have most if not all materials/tools already on hand!


  • Old bandeau bikini top
  • Old bikini bottom (make sure it is still cute…you’ll be making your fringe out of it)
  • Fabric glue – waterproof and superhold/bond
  • Thread – optional – color of choice
  • Marker or pen – optional


  • Scissors
  • Needle – optional

First, find yourself a once loved bandeau bikini top.

Now, find a cute bikini bottom that you don’t mind sacrificing….this will be the fringe! If your bikini bottom has side ties, remove the strings completely. If it is connected, cut  through the fabric (where the ties are on my bikini bottoms below) so that the sides are completely separated.

Line the top of the butt side (ha ha..but really) of your bikini bottom up with top of your bandeau top.

Decide how you want to shape your fringe (i.e. straight across, angled, “v”, etc.). Cut your bottoms into the general shape you want and remove any unnecessary fabric. For this part I chose to eye mine out…but if you feel more comfortable use a pen or marker to mark on your bottoms where you want to cut.

Cut your newly shaped bottom into a fringe! Make sure you do not cut through the waistline…you’ll need that to keep your fringe attached and attach to your top!

Once the fringe has been cut, line it up perfectly with the edge of your bikini top. Be sure to follow your bandeau tops curves when lining it up. Using your fabric glue, adhere the waistline of your bottoms to the top of your bandeau top. Tightly secure until dry. If there is a gap in the middle of your bandeau top (like in mine) just glue the waistline around the opening to give the illusion of it being one cohesively attached top.

This part is OPTIONAL…but not a bad idea… If you are worried about the fringe becoming detached, use your thread and needle to stitch along the existing hem of the waistline through the top of the bandeau to ensure extra fringe security.

Tada! Finished product..

..and I couldn’t love it more! I will definitely be making a couple more in the future…I’m thinking maybe a pink or green one next 🙂

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