Frozen Berry Greek Yogurt

For those of you who are unfamiliar with University of West Georgia… it is in the middle of nowhere. So when a 32 Degrees Frozen Yogurt store opened up this summer, it became a huge hot spot…I myself am guilty of being a frequent customer ha ha! And if you have ever been to a frozen yogurt store, you know what a huge dent it can put in your pocket. After filling up the punches on my 32 Degree card for a free froyo, I realized it might be time to find my own recipe. So, that is exactly what I did!

Total Ingredient Cost: $7.50
*This will make approximately 10 softball size servings
*I used wild blackberries that were picked at my apartment and then frozen in my freezer


  • Frozen strawberries – 2 cups
  • Frozen blackberries – 2 cups
  • Frozen Greek yogurt – 24 oz.
  • Honey – 3-4 Tbs.
  • Mint – optional – 5-6 leaves


  • Blender
  • Mixing spoon
  • Serving bowls

Remove Frozen Greek Yogurt from freezer and let it begin to defrost. Blend together strawberries, blackberries, honey, and mint(optional).

Add in frozen yogurt (which should be more of a slushy than a solid block of frozen yogurt-it makes for an easier blend) and blend until well mixed.

Serve and enjoy your super yummy Frozen Berry Greek Yogurt!

You can customize your foryo however you like! Perhaps try substituting berries with different berries or even try blending a pre-flavored Greek yogurt. The possibilities are endless!

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