No Sew Pillows

Almost a full year ago I started ATC. For those who don’t know…no sew pillows are actually the whole inspiration behind All Things Charming. For a couple of weeks I searched online in hopes of finding a step by step list of directions for no sew pillows.. preferably one with pictures. I located a few tutorials, but the pillows were either sewn in part or completely with a sewing machine. So using what resources I did find, I decided to make my own no sews. It had been a year since I last made a no sew pillow, but I brought out the scissors today and finally made another!

Cost: $10.00
*I have been able to make multiple pillows with the materials..making them approximately $2/each


  • Fabric of choice
  • Thread of choice
  • Iron on adhesive tape – double sided – 5/8″
  • Pillow stuffing (you could use stuffing from an old pillow you no longer use/like and save even more money!)


  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Iron

First figure out the shape and size you want your pillow to be. Cut the fabric into whatever shape/size you desire (both sides). Make sure to allow an inch or so of extra fabric around all four edges for easier attachment. In the picture below the hounds tooth fabric is the only part that will be visible on my pillow.

On one panel of fabric, line your iron on double sided adhesive tape around the edges of your pillow. Please note that you only line the outline of your pillow shape (like shown below) not the edge of the entire piece of fabric. It is also helpful to make a “t” on the corners where the tape crosses each other, as opposed to just having the edges of the tape meet each other perfectly.

This part is soo important…Make sure to leave an opening large enough for you to put your hand through (you will use that to turn the fabric inside out and stuff it).

Iron over the white part of the adhesive tape. Remove the peel-off top layer of the  tape, leaving a clear adhesive strip attached to your panel of fabric.

Lay your panel of fabric that doesn’t have the adhesive on it, on top of your fabric that has the adhesive, so that the pretty sides of your fabric are now touching each other. Be sure the fabric of your pillow (not the edge of the entire panel of fabric) lines up evenly.

Iron the two pieces of fabric together.

Using the stuffing hole that you created earlier, turn your pillow inside out.

Stuff your pillow! Don’t forget that with time and use your pillow will flatten out, so more often than not more fluff is better.

Using your needle and thread, stitch the opening closed.

Now you have your very own no sew pillow! Super easy and very adaptable to any size and shape.

So adaptable in fact that every pillow on my bed and ottoman (minus the big ones for sleeping) are all no sew’s! 🙂

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2 responses to “No Sew Pillows

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  2. Thanks for the instructions! I made a few of these tonight and they turned out great. The only confusion for me was the “iron on cohesive tape (double sided)” – at Michaels it’s just called iron-on adhesive tape, no mention of double-sided. Most people probably know this but I was clueless! Thanks again for providing inspiration!

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