Better Than Plain Canvas Shoe

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday! As my evening is winding down I wanted to take the time to share my new kicks with y’all 🙂 Shoes are wonderful…pumps, wedges, flats, whatever the type shoes are great! Lately I have been in a shorts and tee kind of mood and have been wanting a cute pair of lace up canvas shoes. As I do with most everything white, I decided to glam it up with some color!

Cost: $15.00


  • Canvas shoes
  • Paint markers – permanent ink
  • Cardboard or thick stock paper – optional


  • Scissors – optional

Cut paper or cardboard in shapes or use the straight edge as a stencil. Early into my shoe I ended up ditching my stencil and had more fun free handing…but if a stencil makes you feel more comfortable by all means use it! The stencil definitely helps keep lines and zig zags even 🙂

Start coloring any design…tribal, peacock, jewels, polka dots, nautical stripes…the possibilities are limitless!

I was aiming for a colorful modern-ish tribal design…

 Eh…I really had no idea what I was going for but they turned out super cute!

These shoes have not stopped getting compliments! Every time I have worn them someone always asks about and loves them!

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7 responses to “Better Than Plain Canvas Shoe

  1. Hi I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS!! 🙂 May I know where you got your shoes? And if the shoes get dirty, they can be washed right? 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I got the shoes from Walmart for $5.00..Super cheap! Yes they can be washed, as long as you make sure to get the permanent ink markers 😀

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