Tie Dyed Peace Sign

When it comes to tie dye I just can’t seem to get enough! If I could tie dye everything in my apartment, I would! Okay…maybe that is a bit of an exaggerattion, but either way I do love anything tie dyed. Recently my once stark white towels have started looking a little on the grungy side. Being the tie dye lover that I am, I decided to give my towels new life by tie dying a peace sign on them!

Cost:  $10.00


  • Towel (or shirt, sheet, curtain…whatever)
  • Dye – at least 2 different colors
  • Rubber bands
  • String
  • Marker or pen
  • Gloves


  • Washing machine

Fold towel down the center.

Tie string to end of marker. Center the string on your towel; holding the string in place trace a half circle onto your fabric.

Trace where you want the “v” part of your peace sign to be placed.

Fold the towel in til it touches the newly traced “v” line.

Fold the top part of the towel down til it lines up with the “v” line as well.

Grab the towel at the “v” line and reverse the direction of the fold (flip to the other side while keeping everything folded as you just did).

I peeked on the underside of the towel and retraced a faint outline of the semi-circle on this side of the towel to help keep the accordion fold in line with the circle.

Accordion fold the towel down from the peak to where the circle begins.

Twist your towel as you fold following the outline of the semi-circle. Continue the accordion fold along the outline of your circle.

Tie a rubber band around your giant accordion fold. This will be the outline of your peace sign.

Finish tying the remaining fabric however you chose. I choose to simply section it off into different color segments.

Tie dye time!

Follow care directions according to your dye. For me that means washing and drying to view my finished art work!

I LOVE how it turned out and cannot wait to tie dye my other towel! Pleaseeee share your pics! I love seeing other tie dye masterpieces 🙂

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