DIY Travel Makeup Brush Holder

First of all, China was absolutely incredible! I can finally say I have knocked another one of the seven wonders off my bucket list…Chichen Itza, check, Colosseum, check, Great Wall of China, check! Only four more to go 😉 The only thing I would have done differently is ….PACKED BETTER! With the strict weight limits and only allowing one bag without additional cost, traveling was expensive! When I returned home I thought up an easy way to travel with my makeup that is far more space efficient! Better late than never 🙂

Cost: $2.00


  • Washcloth
  • Ribbon – cut into two strips
  • Iron-on adhesive -Ultrahold


  • Iron
  • Scissors

Lay out towel to get a feel of where you want to bond the fabric.

Open towel and iron-on adhesive strips according to your iron-on directions.

Fold towel back to original layout and iron shut. The strips you ironed on in the previous step should now bond in the shape of your original layout. Do not forget to iron in the two strips of ribbon on one of the ends so that you can securely tie together your finished makeup holder.

Insert makeup brushes, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup….whatever your heart desires!

Roll up, tie together, and pack your makeup! Plus, the towel helps keep normally messy makeup/toothpaste clean while traveling 😀

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