String of Shells

I have always loved the ocean. Fortunately  I was blessed with two wonderful parents who recently purchased a small beach house in sunny Florida! After some much needed remodeling, my parents finally made it the perfect beach getaway. My mom made sure there was plenty of themed beach decor, including of course, seashells. So, with summer rounding the corner(hellllllooo ocean) I combined the flower lights idea with seashells and made my mom a beautiful string of shells for the beach house!

Cost:  $4.50


  • Hot glue
  • Seashells (I purchased a bag from my local craft store)
  • String of lights


  • Hot glue gun

If shells are not already clean, rinse and dry thoroughly. Once shells are dry put a small line of hot glue on the top of the shell.

Place the base of the light on top of the glue. Hot glue an additional line on top of the base of the light to ensure it will stay securely in place.

Continue gluing one shell per light until strand is complete with seashells!

Hang up and enjoy your new beachy strand of lights!

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