Rain Boots with a Bow

The rain has picked up in good ole Carrollton, Georgia and doesn’t appear to have any plans of stopping. It is safe to say my rain boots have gotten a lot more use than usual. BUT I was getting sick of wearing my plain black rain boots around campus. All the girls seem to have to most adorable patterns on their boots while mine are super comfy…and plain. So what do I do? Sew a bow on! Perfect girly touch and such an incredibly easy fix!

Cost: $2.00
*I reused my old rain boots and only needed to purchase the ribbon


  • Sewing kit
  • Ribbon –
  • Fabric glue – optional
  • Rain boots


  • Needle

First cute and tie your ribbon into whatever size bow you deem appropriate for your rain boots.

Center the bow on the back of your rain boot. Using thread and a needle from your sewing kit, stitch a “X” through the center of the bow until it is securely sewn through the back of the rain boot and attached in place.  I used a small dab of fabric glue to help secure the bow while stitching it on, but it was not necessary in completing the project.

*Note the thread went all the way through the back of the rain boots to ensure the bow is attached securely

Tada! Now your rain boots will rock a super cute girly bow 🙂 I could not be happier with how they turned out!

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