Rhinestone Bracelet

When it comes to jewelry, the more the sparkle the better! I recently saw  a rhinestone bracelet that was both masculine and girly and  had to make my own version. It turned out super cute and I definitely plan on making more as gifts!

Cost:  $9.00


  • Strand of connected rhinestones
  • Black leather string
  • Gold chain
  • Silver chain
  • Clasps


  • Scissors
  • Pliers with wire cutter

First use wire cutter and scissors to cut chains, rhinestones, and string to desired length. Next tightly tie the two chains together with the leather string. Connect one end of your clasp to one of the excess strings and use the other excess string to thread the bracelet together.

Thread the excess string through the chains and over the rhinestones to secure in place.

Once you have reached the end, tie the chains together at the bottom of the bracelet. Connect the other end of the clasp to the remaining string and cut off any extra string.

Wear and enjoy your new fashion statement 🙂

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