DIY Cookie Cutter

I love baking cookies but tend to get bored with the same ole same circle shaped cookies. Soo, I brought out the tools and made a very cheap and easy DIY cookie cutter!



  • Soda can
  • Staples


  • Sharp knife/scissors (strong enough to cut through medal can)
  • Pliers
  • Stapler

First drink our empty the contents in can. Rinse out with water. Cut the top and bottom of the can off leaving only the middle(see tips below).

Next fold in the edges to create a clean edge for the cookies and to prevent you from cutting yourself when using the cookie cutter.

Mold to desired shape. You can use your fingers or pliers (which ever is easiest for you).

Finally, staple together(see tips below)  and you have an easy DIY cookie cutter!


*When you are cutting the metal can, be very careful not to get cut by the sharp edges; consider wearing protective gloves. Also do not let the horrible noise of cutting into the metal can scare you, it is perfectly normal! I found cutting slow and steady to be the easiest way to prevent the edges cutting me and lessen the noise of cutting up the metal.

*If your metal can is too thick to staple closed, you can also super glue the ends together; if you do not have super glue you can temporarily bind using hot glue.

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2 responses to “DIY Cookie Cutter

    • Thank you, thank you! So glad you found it too 🙂 Eat Pray Bake is fabulous…and running a marathon, congrats! Im planning on running a marathon in the near future, its always great to see some inspiration 🙂

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