Cute Dog Collar

Hope everyone had a safe and very happy New Years! For my first craft of 2012 I decided to help bring my pup into the new year by making her a new collar :-)! Camilla once sported a cute UGA collar, but it was nylon and my family’s dog played a little too rough and ripped it right off. Which is why she now has a leather collar. However, at my apartment she doesn’t run the risk of her bigger furfriends tugging her collar off, so I decided to make her a cute collar for when shes at home!

Cost:  $3.50


  • Nylon collar (color of choice)
  • Fabric scraps (big enough to make a bow)
  • Hot glue


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

After picking out your desired fabric(s), cut the scraps into two strips. Glue the edges in on each strip to create clean edges.

Then glue one strip to the other “ugly” sides in.

Glue the ends of the strip together to create a ring. Next, take a small strip of scrap fabric or ribbon and glue tightly around the center of the ring to create a bow.

Finally, glue the bow to your pups nylon collar.

Ta-da! Amazingly simple fix to transform a cheap collar into a charming dog collar!

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