Pearl and Diamond Studs

A couple of years ago I bought a fabulous pair of faux diamond and pearl earrings. Well, unfortunately last year one of them vanished :-(. I held onto my remaining earring for a year hoping to find its mate.  So needles to say when I found all the supplies needed to make my own at my local craft store I couldn’t wait to get started on this DIY! Plus, they’re the perfect earrings to wear with your New Years dress 😀 !

Cost:  $8.00



  • Pliers with metal cutter

First, open your dragonball.

Next, cut off the end crystal on each arm.

Using your multi-purpose glue, adhere the pearls on the center rod of the dragonball to replace the gaps you created by cutting the end crystals.

You now need to cover the openings at the ends of the center rod. Glue your flat post to one of the openings. Use the metal cutter part of your pliers to cut one of your leftover pearls in half. Attach half of the pearl to the other opening to complete your earrings (see tips below). Wear and enjoy your new studs!

NOTE:  You can glue the extra crystal dragonballs to the extra posts to create simple yet elegant diamond only studs!

*I used my pliers to hold the back of the earrings in place to make gluing the pearl on top sturdier and easier.

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