Tie-Dye Scarf

I love scarves!  They are my favorite winter accessory and my Charcoal pea coat has been in serious need of a Navy colored scarf. So when I saw this fabulous scarf on Pinterest the other day, I just knew it had to be the next DIY!

Cost:  $6.00


  • Fabric dye (color of choice)
  • Cotton fabric cut to desired length of scarf (color of choice) (1 yard worked perfect for my scarf)
  • Rubber bands


  • Bowl/Sink
  • Mixing spoon

First, wash your fabric (I chose a Heather gray color). Squeeze out excess water, leaving it damp.

Next, tie rubber bands around your fabric by pinching several different parts of the fabric; continue binding it at different intervals with the rubber bands.

Using the directions on your dye (I used a Navy color), dye your fabric.

Rinse and ring out your dyed fabric. Follow after care directions accordingly (see tips below).

Cut the ends of your scarf  to create a fringe.

Tie every two pieces of fringe together, until each piece of fringe is tied to the one next to it.

Enjoy your fabulous tie-dyed scarf!


*Make sure you wash ONLY the dyed piece of fabric the first time you wash your scarf (and second if you want to be extra cautious). It could potentially ruin the other clothes in your wash if you put the dyed fabric in with other laundry.

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