Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

Ahhh…the time has come! Finally the first Foodstuff recipe! This simple three ingredient recipe, is the perfect way to end off a rough week of finals or melt away any of your troubles.

Total Ingredient Cost:  $9.00


  • Chocolate chip cookie dough (homemade or store bought)
  • Egg roll wraps
  • Canola Oil


  • Deep saute pan
  • Tongs
  • Small glass of water

First evenly coat a  layer about 1/4″ thick of canola oil (see tips below) on the bottom of your saute pan. Set to medium heat (see important safety tips below).

Next scoop or mold the chocolate chip cookie dough to the center of the egg roll wraps, leaving approximately 1/2″  of space on both ends of the egg rolls wraps for rolling purposes.

Now fold the ends of the wrap in over the cookie dough, then roll it up to create a perfectly wrapped egg roll. Seal it shut using the water (see directions on egg roll wraps).

Finally, place one  by one in heated oil and fry! Try to keep the cooking even by using your tongs and rolling the egg roll around in the hot oil every few seconds. Will take approximately 2 minutes each to cook.

Let your delicious cookie dough egg rolls rest on paper towels to cool and absorb any extra oil. Enjoy with chocolate sauce, confectioners sugar, ice cream, or by itself! Bon Appetit!

*You can substitute Canola oil for other oils such as Olive, Peanut, or Corn Oil. Just be sure to choose an oil that can withstand high temperatures, which is important for frying.

*If a grease fire is started, immediately cover saute pan with lid. Use baking soda, DO NOT USE WATER. Call 911.

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5 responses to “Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

  1. Holy cow–a cookie dough addict would go positively crazy over this one! Now I vote that you make the toffee recipe. That one sounds lovely too.


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