Book Flower Key Holder

Happy Thanksgiving Eve 🙂 This project is one of my favorites and keeping in theme with my last DIY project, it didn’t cost even a dime! I was browsing the internet the other day and stumbled across a picture of an adorable key holder. Since I had been throwing my keys and Camilla’s leash down on my counter, I figured this would make the perfect addition to my apartment!

Cost:  FREE!

**You should have ALL the materials you need on hand, even if you aren’t much of a crafter!


  • Pages torn out from an old textbook/book
  • One bag of tea (I used Chai Tea, but you can pick any flavor you want!)
  • Hot glue
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Piece of cardboard


  • Bowl
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pliers with metal cutters

First, tear out pages from an old book. I decided to use an old textbook that I have been dying to get rid of (bye bye Accounting book :-)).

Next, cut flowers out of the pages. I wanted my flower to have an almost pom pon look to it, so I cut my flowers a little bit on the bulkier side (see tips below).

Once you have cut out all of your flowers, stain them with your tea! I love Chai Tea (see tips below) and I really wanted my stark white textbook pages to have a nice rich color to them so I submerged them in a shallow bowl of hot tea.

After your flowers are completely dry (mine usually sit over night) remove them from the bowl and begin stacking them on top of each other. Staple an “x” in the center of your stacked flowers to hold them securely in place.

For the next step, cut out a circle about the size of a ping pong ball from a left over box or piece of cardboard (see tips below).

Next, using the wire cutters on the pliers cut the hanger part of the wire coat hanger off, leaving the spiral part in tact for added effect. After cutting the top of the hanger off, use your pliers to shape the hanger into  what will be the “hook” of your key holder.

Now using your hot glue gun, glue the the hook to the piece of paper (see tips below). After the glue is dry, glue the other side of the circle to the back of your flowers (glue the underside of the flowers where the staple ends are-not the “x”)

Now that your key holder is assembled, fluff out your flowers to make it more full in appearance. And there you have it! A brand new key holder! …or leash holder in my case 🙂 Enjoy!!

*I pre-cut one flower out, then folded all the pages in half and traced the design onto the folded pages and cut them all at once. It saved so much time!
*When choosing your tea, pick a tea you enjoy! Your flower will take on the faint scent of the tea you use 🙂
*I love these flower key holders so much that this is actually the second flower key holder I have made; for my circle on my first key holder I used a box that my Christmas lights came in. Even though the box is not as thick as a piece of standard cardboard, it was plenty thick enough to work! You can use just about any boxing that food around your house comes in (i.e. cereal box, pasta box, toothpaste box).
*I tend to bend my wire hook into a heart shape so that I can glue one side of the heart to the back of the circular piece of cardboard and use the other half of the heart as a hook to hang the key holder on the wall.

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