Revamped Boring Vase

Good evening everyone! Thanks to the holidays quickly approaching my pockets have been a little on the light side lately. Soo, I have been working on projects made primarily or entirely of items I have around my apartment! Hellllooooo cheap DIY’s!

I have been gradually changing my room up and bought some flowers I really wanted to incorporate. There were a bunch of boring glass vases laying around that weren’t really cutting it for my look. Thus, I decided to turn a glass vase into a two part project and transform it from drab to fab 🙂


**Since I had everything on hand except the faux pearls, it cost virtually nothing! 😀


  • Plain glass vase
  • Clear glass vase gems (flat glass marbles)
  • Faux Pearls – 8mm
  • Yarn
  • Hot glue
  • Water
  • Acetone (Nail polish remover)
  • Sandpaper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Matches or Lighter
I did not like the shape of my vase but really wanted its size, so cutting the glass was a must. I recently watched a youtube video and learned an awesome and easy technique for burning and cutting glass! First loosely tie yarn around the part of the glass you want to break.
Remove the yarn and submerge it in acetone (nail polish remover).
Next, tie the yarn back on where you had originally tied it.
*CAUTION* The next step needs to be handled very carefully! Fill a sink or bucket (large enough to completely fit your glass vase) with cool water. Hold the vase carefully over the water-filled sink or bucket, and using your match or lighter cautiously light the yarn on fire. Again, exercising caution, twist your flaming vase around above the water like a rotisserie chicken.
Once the flame has gone out, quickly submerge your vase in the water. This should break the glass along your yarn line (see tips below).
Finally, use sandpaper to sand the edges down and try your best to make them even. Make sure your vase is free of sharp edges!

Now that your vase is the shape you want it…hopefully… its time to glam it up!

One by one, hot glue your clear glass vase gems onto your vase. I found making tight rings, starting around the bottom, and working my way to the top one ring at a time was the easiest and most efficient. The gems will not fit perfectly so you have to use your puzzle making skills to make them fit as best as you can!

After gluing all the gems on your vase, take the faux pearls and hot glue them into some (or all, depending on how many pearls you like) of the gaps you find between the gems.

And Voila! Super easy, super cheap transformation! As always, happy crafting!

*When breaking the glass, I found using a sink over a bucket was much easier and made me feel safer.
*Sometimes the glass will “stick” and wont immediately break upon submerging in water. If this happens, lightly tap the edge of the vase on the inside wall of the sink and it will help the glass break.

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