Flower Lights

Happy Monday everyone! The first DIY idea I wanted to share with y’all is a project I finally finished today…my flower lights! A few months ago I fell in love with a strand of rose string lights I saw online. Problem was, it only had 2o lights and I wanted it to stretch across the border of my room. Not to mention it cost $35 without including the cost of shipping. So, I decided to make my own!

Cost:  $10

**I got the materials from my local Hobby Lobby while they were running sales. It ended up costing me only $5 to make my lights!


  • 10 Sheet Pack of Tissue Paper x 4
  • Floral Tape – 1/2″
  • Strand of 100 Lights


  • Scissors
  • Ping Pong Ball (optional)
First, choose what color you want your flowers to be. I wanted mine to be primarily light pink, with some medium pinks and green leaves incorporated. For my tissue paper I bought the 99cent packs that had 10 sheets/pack. I ended up needing four packs to complete my lights (2 light pink, 1 medium pink, 1 green).
Next you want to cut the sheets of tissue paper into squares approximately 3.5″ x 3.5.” Depending on how long or short you want your flowers to be will determine the size of your squares. The smaller the square, the smaller the petal will be and vice versa.
Now the tricky part…you need to find something circular. For me, using the knobs on my desk drawers worked best; I have also tried using a ping pong ball which works as well. After you find your circular object, center one square of your cut tissue paper over your object and tightly twist both ends (being careful not to rip the tissue paper) until it is wrapped around your object enough that it wont fall off. Gently remove your newly formed petal. Repeat until you have enough petals to make your flowers (I used 6 petals per flower). Make your leaves the same way you made your petals.
After you remove your petals and leaves you want to fold the extra edges of tissue paper in. This will give it a more realistic shape (see tips below).

Once you have made your petals and leaves it is time to attach them to your strand of lights. Take your floral tape and cut it into strips approximately 1 ft. long. Sort your petals into piles containg the amount of petals you want per flower. For me 6 achieved the look I was going for.
Grab one of the twisted ends from one of your petals. Place the floral tape around the “back” of the petal and line the same twisted end of the petal up with the white base of one of the lights. Press the floral tape around the petal and base once, then add another petal next to the one you just taped on. Continue to add and tape atleast once around the base of the light until all the petals have been added.
With the remaining floral tape, continue to wrap it around the twisted ends of the petals and the base of the light until there is no tape left. Once you get to the end of the floral tape just stick the end to itself and it will stay together (no tucking necessary). Voila! You now have a finished flower!

To add the leaves you will need to do the same  thing that you did when adding your petals. However, once you reach the extra length of floral tape you add your leaf underneath or between two of your petals. Personally, I liked to place my leaves just a tiny bit lower than my petals when taping it on, to give it a more realistic effect.
Once you have added your leaf, finish your flower off by wrapping the rest of the floral tape around the base of the light as you did in your flowers without leaves.

Last, cut the twisted tips off each petal/leaf to give the flower its finishing touch.

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Yes, I know this project is time consuming but for the finished product and the price it is totally worth it! I love my flower lights so much I am even thinking about making them in a different color to add to my living room! Enjoy!

*If you twist your petal too tight and accidentally rip a small part of your petal, you can usually tuck and fold it in such a way that it can be easily repaired without having to make an entirely new petal!

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